1. lovingair:

    Slow cooking with electricity,

    I want fries with that!

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  2. lovingair:

    "You’re sitting in a wooden house, on a paper mat, leaning against a flammable wall. Better not knock a candle over, it might spread."

    Nice birthday hat.

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  3. cumversatile:

    if it doesn’t hurt going in, it’s not big enough for you - more huge, raw cocks fucking bare here

    Second from last looks like he’s singing. That is so sweet. Dicks make me sing, too!

  4. maleslavetrainer:

    The slave must learn that it is total property, and that Master is the source of all things, even life itself. Dangerous, perhaps… but ownership cannot be real without it.

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  5. hipsterpornproject:

    we <3 bro/cafuçu

    Hipster porn for ALL!

    Ride the Lightning. I want to ride his Lightning!

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  6. cumversatile:

    Give your ass to any hard cock that wants to fuck you - but save your heart for one who treasures its value

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  9. astupidfaggot:


    abuse is exactly what i need

    Yes, I understand now counselor. I’ll take the abuse. Thanks.

    I’m accustomed to the second column. By the way, whoever made this thing has shitty English.

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  11. grover3:

    Whoa, boy.   Slow down.  Let that wax melt a little  more, after all it’s your birthday, you ought to enjoy your birthday candle.

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  12. Ripe Pits. My fave flave!

  13. bisean:

    In the sling at puploki's

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  14. beasst2:


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